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Broadcast Radio Case Study

L.A.'s Best Classic Rock Station
A Bonneville International Property

The challenge

Los Angeles is the Second Largest Radio Market in America

General Manager of radio station 100.3 The Sound, Peter Burton, possessed a modern and visionary mission for the station, "To transform the radio network into a contemporary and relevant media company where our cross-platform sellers and content creators operate holistically to create new opportunities."

The desire was to unite the entire team - sales, programming, marketing, promotions, and management - and empower each member with the skills to master digital, mobile, social, search, SMS, video content marketing, and database marketing.

Mr. Burton wanted each of his new Cross-Platform Media Consultants to have the ability to deliver measurable ROI across omni-channel platforms for the radio station's direct business clients. This strategy would position the station to regain revenues that were transitioning to the digital marketplace and elevate the knowledge-base and the relevancy of all of the station employees.

"The impact upon how we have aggressively taken on an ever changing media landscape cannot be understated. Armed with our new found knowledge and expertise, we expect nothing but success ."

Peter Burton

General Manager, 100.3 The Sound

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The Solution

Our plan:

  • Create a company-wide culture change that would include new market platforms bound by the vision of station leadership and executed by all departments within the station.
  • Enlist all levels of management and staff in a training program that would establish a non-siloed digital environment of collaboration and co-creation.

our approach:

  • An intensive, hands-on, Omni-Channel training of digital, mobile, social, search, SMS, video content marketing, and database marketing.
  • Exploration and ideation of all of the monetary opportunities available across these platforms proving the relevance to their brand and business.
  • Include the training of talent - the station's most powerful marketing asset - in the art of social media publishing and content creation to mobilize their unique following and drive on-air ratings.

"Tracey and her team were very helpful in providing insights and training to my team. Her expertise in this area is like no other and we look forward to working with her more regularly."

Dave Beasing

Digital Director, 100.3 the sound

The Transformation

The transformation

The entire team of 100.3 The Sound committed to a renewed Omni-Channel strategy and together mobilized their efforts to offer increased competitive value to their partners to generate more revenue.

  • Social engagement on Facebook and Twitter that utilized more savvy and strategic social content publishing
  • Social targeting of new potential listeners was employed
  • Marketing dollars were reallocated to digital, social, and search presence
  • SEO conquest methods were introduced and implemented

"One of the biggest impacts that Tracey and her team created was an environment of unity between the departments toward a common goal. Her team helped us get through those challenges and get the station speaking in one voice about digital strategy. I have seen each seller embrace the concepts and make efforts to implement what we've learned into their promotional campaigns. I have seen the language in the pitch to clients change as well.They are speaking more confidently about the digital and social impact on consumers and the strength of The Sound in those areas."

Chris Santoyo

Promotions director, 100.3 the sound


The Results

  • As of the January 2015 Nielsen book, 100.3 The Sound is the top rated Classic Rock station
  • On-air ratings have grown a full rating point against M25-54
  • The station has become #1 among M25-54, M18+, M35 - 64, and M45 - 54
  • Unique visitors to The Sound's website increased from 66,000 to 278,000
  • Facebook likes increased from 45,000 to 140,000
  • Facebook engagement increased from 27,000 to now over 600,000
  • Total streaming web listening hours grew from 271,000 hours to 536,000 hours
  • Twitter followers increased from 3,700 to 21,000
  • Email database opt-ins grew from 40,000 to 55,000

"I can say without hesitation that our time with Tracey has taken our best of the best to a whole new level entirely."

Kelli Coates

Digital director, 100.3 the sound

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"The training made me feel much more confident in meetings speaking about digital platforms. My campaigns have been much more successful because we keep learning what works and how to better increase engagement."

Samantha Lloyd

Senior account executive, 100.3 the sound

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